Ambey Enterprises


Since its inception in 2005, Ambey Enterprises has grown rapidly to provide organizations with cutting edge integrated security solutions and various support services. Our overarching objective is to deliver professional services to our customers in an innovative and cost-effective manner. We cater to a wide clientele, spread across diverse geography of India. With our head office in Lucknow, Ambey Enterprises stretches across various big cluster cities, including the heart of India, New Delhi. The group is one of the fastest growing support providers for PSUs, banks and other private institutions.

Ambey Enterprises is a partnership company owned by two partners, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh & Mrs. Reshma Mishra. Let’s take a brief view of their experience.

Partners Profile
Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh Well – versed with the art of banking ; wealth of experience in setting up, operationalizing and managing ATM networks with various banks, including in cash transit. Undertake interior designing turnkey projects for associated business segment banks and corporate clients.
Mrs. Reshma Mishra Mrs. Reshma Mishra is not only the partner of Ambey Enterprises but also the guiding light. She provides strategic guidance and vision for the company. Mr. Reshma is also a social asocial activist and has been a source of support and motivation for the Ambey Enterprises team.

Our Values


  • We are committed to operating manner, upholding the highest safety standards at all times.
  • Striving for excellence in all aspects of our operation, always learning and improving.
  • Reliable, punctual and trustworthy.
  • Friendly and respe-ctful at all times to each other, our clients and the public.


  • Providing the greatest value to clients through personalized service.
  • Commitment to quality high standards and results.
  • Great customer relationships through good communication, dedication and respect.
  • Creating solutions to problems with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Creativity, Producing unique content and providing creative guidance to our clients.


  • Promoting and encouraging innovation to lead our industry.
  • Challenging ourselves to constantly develop and improve our services and product offerings.
  • Maintaining awareness of new technology through research (keeping up with new technology)


  • As a team, we combine individual strengths to deliver exceptional results.
  • We work together effectively and efficiently, committed to achieving our goals and realizing our vision.
  • We are supportive of each other, respectful, loyal and honest.
  • We are open – minded and listen to each other’s Ideas.

Our Mission

‘’To create the highest quality aerial imagery that offers people a unique and inspiring perspective of their world.’’

Our Vision

‘’To be a premium enterprise with a clear focus on each business segment.’’

Our Commitment

If you are looking for first class Interior Design for your, functions, corporate events or for long term engagements Ambey Enterprises is the right choice for you.