Retail Marketing Service

We have equipped ourselves and forayed into manufacture, installation and maintenance of various marketing collaterals.

Here is a gist of the various marketing services we have on offer and we would like to add here that this is not the be-all-and-end-all list of collaterals as we are very flexible in the marketing services range and can undertake special projects as well, as per the requirement of our clientele.

Corporate Interior

We are one of the leading companies to specialize in corporate office design, offering world-class corporate interior designing to customers.

Our Company has executed over 200,000 Square feet of interiors in last couple of years that enable us to meet the growing demand of corporate interiors including technically skilled works like data networking etc.

GPS Equipped Mobile ATM Vans

We provide GPS equipped mobile ATM vans and all set to drive banks’ business better. If customers will not go to the ATM to do their transactions, then the ATM will come to the customers!

As technology delivers mobile ATM services and take customer convenience a step further, we at Ambey Enterprises are always on our toes to adapt the changing market scenario.

GPS Equipped Cash Vans

We provide cash vans equipped with GPS enabled tracking for the safe transport of high value cash and transport goods. These vans pick up cash from the outlets in safe and secured manner and deposit it at the customer’s designated location.

Cash in Transit Management

Ambey group stands as the leading provider of cash management services and provides cash vans for transition of high value cash and other valuables in a fully secured manner. Each cash van is equipped With a GPS system.

Electronic Security Systems

Ambey Enterprises is a renowned and trusted electronic security system provider in India. Our dedication to quality and safety first has gone into designing and creating the most innovative range of Electronic Security Systems.

Providing Electrical Services Supports to ATM

We also provide services to deposit the electrical bills of ATM sites in case these remain unpaid so that due to nonpayment of electrical bill, power supply should not be cut off and the ATM machine should be able to function smoothly.

Smooth Functioning of ATMs

We hold a rich experience in ensuring a smooth functioning of ATM’s such as building the ATM site, their yearly maintenance, managing the facilities for customer convenience. Our customer can relax completely while we remain at the forefront to handle the rest.

Corporate & Other Service

  • Corporate Interiors
  • Customer Care Services
  • Retail Marketing Services
  • Event Management
  • Facility Management services

Customer Care Services

A dedicated customer care cell is at your service at Ambey Enterprises. The customer care services can be established as per demand and necessary manpower.

Corporate & Other Service

  • Total Implementation Services
  • Total Implementation Services Bank
  • Set up of New Bank with Complete solutions
  • Housekeeping Support
  • Annual Maintenance of ATMs, Banks
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Caretaker & Security Guard Service Provider
  • GPS Equipped Cash Vans
  • GPS Equipped Mobile ATM Vans

Total Implementation Services

Proper maintenance and handling of security is central to a bank’s growth and reputation. Bank support services and security measures can only be left to somebody, who can whole heartedly be trusted. That’s where we step in. At Ambey we encapsulate the complete ATM lifecycle from ATM construction, installation, complete line maintenance solutions to all fitments which includes civil, electrical, wall paneling ceiling wall construction, access control doors, and earthing system. We also help in setting up new banks and provide support for easy and timely bill payment services. We have a proven track record of ATMs with A to Z items required for smooth operation.

Building a Bank

We have been serving the bank set up requirements for nearly ten years and in recent years we have extended the capabilities to include interior designing as well. We have been responsible for lending the right direction to bank set up and maintenance following the requisite norms to construct bank interiors and building a robust culture for customers.

Bank Support Services

Apart from adoption innovative technology, proper maintenance and handling of security is central to a bank’s growth and reputation. The banking and security measures can only left to somebody, who can whole heartedly be trusted.

Housekeeping Support Services

We provide superior on-site management of ATM interior and exterior on day basis as well as perform all kinds of civil liaison work as and when required at ATM sites.


We understand the challenges faced by organizations in the competitive world and provide a full suite of solutions for outdoor and indoor advertising. Signage’s, the ones we see on the top of every store, are the most visible marketing element and help marketing your business in a cluttered market space. We specialize in the implementation and installation of ordinary as well as special signages such as Glow Sign Boards, Led Glow Sign Boards, Flex Board, Neon Board, Radium Board, Flanges etc. with no restriction on size dimensions.

Event Management

It takes a real partner to design an event that helps achieve your goals. The events we organize people to connect better and help breed innovation. So we strive to make it a unique affair.